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Short History

The Institute of Physics in Belgrade was co-founded in 1961 by the University of Belgrade and the Government of Serbia.

The IP was created with the following principle objectives in mind:

  • To provide facilities for the conducting of original research to its faculty, associates and visitors.
  • To help in fostering the growth of advanced studies in and related to physics.
  • To provide a forum for scientific contacts between physical scientists from Serbia and their colleagues around the world.
  • To form the nucleus of the advanced graduate program in physics, and to work with the Department of Physics of the University of Belgrade in creating a top level physics graduate curriculum.
  • To develop applied areas of physics and assist in the development of related technologies.

From a handful of young scientists occupying a couple of offices near the Department of Physics, the Institute has grown and evolved. In 1961 the above goals seemed very far away - now they are a reality. Today the Institute of Physics represents one of the premier research institutions in the region. The IP has a permanent faculty of more than 100 research scientists organized into five centers. At a given time more than 30 graduate students are walking at the IP towards their Ph.D. 's. The Institute is also host to two small high-tech companies whose products represent a serendipitous result of the research activities in various fields of fundamental and applied physics conducted at the IP.

The principle activities of the Institute of Physics are oriented towards scientific research in theoretical and experimental physics. Theoretical investigations in quantum field theory, gravitation and into the fundamental and methodological problems of quantum mechanics have a long and successful history here. At the same time there have been important strides in understanding the physics off condensed matter systems, as well as in the development of theoretical atomic and molecular physics. Plasma physics as well as the study of nonlinear dynamics have also generated much interest and are being pursued by researchers here both from the theoretical and experimental sides. Significant results have been obtained in the field of laser physics. There is a varied and extensive research program in nuclear physics, as well as in high energy physics. Active areas of research are in the study of gaseous discharges, and in atomic and molecular spectroscopy. The work going on in applied physics forms a natural complement and extension to the above mentioned fundamental research. Of note are results of the Institute's facu1ty in environmental protection, in designing a wide range of sensing equipment, as well as in the development and manufacture of microwave and light sources.

The Institute maintains strong ties with many similar institutions world wide.

July 1983 was an important date in the history of the Institute of Physics. It was then decided to move the IP to a new location in Belgrade's quite Zemun suburb. The beautiful new location on the Danube river was an ideal one for large campus.

In November 1994 the IP has acquired title to the land and buildings of its campus. This has made it possible to conduct extensive expansions and renovations.
Institute of Physics Belgrade - Pregrevica 118 - 11080 Belgrade - Serbia, Switchboard: +381 11 3713000, Fax: +381 11 3162190